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Introducing Just Children’s 2015 Summer Day Camp!

summer day campThe rumors are true: At each of our 11 different child care centers, which are located throughout Pennsylvania and New Jersey, Just Children’s 2015 Summer Day Camp will be kicking off in just a few days.

Our Summer Day Camp (also known as Summer Fun Camp), if you’re not already familiar with it, isn’t entirely different from the Before & After School programs we run during the school year. During the summer, we simply crank up the day-long fun all season long with a schedule of field trips, movies, outdoor activities, water activities and more.

Summer Fun Camp officially kicks off on Wednesday, June 17, and runs throughout the first week of September. We’ll be taking our young charges on a series of exciting yet still educational field trips, including excursions to the Camden Aquarium, Cherry Hill’s Barclay Farmstead, the upcoming Tall Ships Festival, The Funplex in Mount Laurel, BounceU, and even a petting zoo or two.

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Why Some School Districts Don’t Offer Kindergarten in Bucks County

kindergarten bucks countyDid you know that in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, public school districts are still not legally mandated to offer kindergarten classes?

In fact, according to the New America Education Policy Program, there are only five other states aside from Pennsylvania—Alaska, Idaho, Michigan, New Jersey and New York—without laws of any sort that require districts to provide kindergarten.

Nevertheless, because of the changes to the public education system that have come about as a result of Pennsylvania’s Common Core-based academic standards, not only do nearly 400 of Pennsylvania’s 500 school districts offer kindergarten—they offer full-day kindergarten only. That’s because school districts are finding it difficult to cram all the Common Core requirements into the more traditional half-day.

Of course, that still leaves roughly 100 Pennsylvania districts with either half-day kindergarten or no kindergarten at all. If you and your spouse both work full-time—or if you’re a single parent who works full-time—that can make life with kindergarten-aged kids incredibly challenging.

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