Burlington County

Just Children Child Care offers programs for Burlington County infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and kindergarteners.

We also have before-school, after-school and summer programs in Burlington County.

Just Children was founded in 1983 and operates 11 schools in Burlington County and the surrounding areas. We offer a unique environment for children from two-months-old through kindergarten. Our programs operate year-round and are designed to develop methods of exploration, reading, and math readiness.

Just Children Promotes Education & Gross Motor Skill Development in Burlington

  • Every Just Children Child Care Center offers an elaborate outdoor playground designed to promote gross motor skill development, as well as an indoor playroom that's used for large muscle activities. The children love them both!
  • Our Burlington County programs are filled with challenging and inspiring themes where children learn while they play. A computer in each classroom is used to teach children basic skills as they learn the basics of technology.
  • Summer at Just Children brings the children outdoors to enjoy organized sports, trips, and nature study and more. 

Preschool, Kindergarten & Infant Daycare for Burlington County Children

Just Children incorporates the most current childcare methods into each classroom. State-of-the-art equipment and playgrounds are standard at each of our 11 locations in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Special programs are offered all year-round to enrich your Burlington County child's experience.  

  • Through creative exploration, children experience situations that promote decision-making.
  • Along with a bright and stimulating environment, children learn as they play.
  • Our professional staff carefully plans each child's daily activities, considering each child's uniqueness.

Before and After School Programs in Burlington County

Our enriching before school and after school programs offer a safe, fully supervised environment for elementary school children. Just Children's higfhly-qualfied teachers uniquely address the interests and development levels of children in kindergarten through grade school with a variety of age-appropriate activities.

  • Our program promotes activities including crafts, computers and sports, so Burlington County children can experience independence in a well-structured environment.

If you’d like to schedule an appointment to visit one of our 11 locations, please feel free to contact us.

Programs for Pre-School and Pre-Kindergarten Children in Burlington County

Burlington County Pre-School Programs

Our pre-school program approaches every day with imagination, innovation and fun. The curriculum includes a combination of group activities, problem solving skills, cognitive development, and the excitement of learning.

Our pre-school program emphasizes positive self-esteem, exploration and experimentation, all of which provides the foundation for academic success and lifelong skills.

Burlington County Pre- Kindergarten Programs

Our pre-kindergarten program is dedicated to providing a strong sense of self-esteem, security, and individuality.  Each child's optimal growth and development is a primary goal of the curriculum.

Along with weekly themes, our curriculum is supported by an academic enrichment program consisting of reading and math readiness skills that will prepare your child for kindergarten. And through show-and-tell activities, field trips and special events, your child will become aware of cultures around the world.

Contact Just Children to Schedule an In-Person Visit

To schedule an appointment to visit one of our locations, contact us today. We welcome you to observe classes, meet our enthusiastic staff, and see the happy faces of the children who attend our centers!

Click here to access the Parent Resources section of our website. And if you'd like to go ahead and download an enrollment form, you can do so here.

We're now enrolling! We have full-time and part-time enrollment schedules, and flexible days are available.

Just Children is licensed by the Department of Public Welfare, the PA Board of Private Academic Schools, and the State of New Jersey.