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Customer Reviews

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My daughter started in the infant room at Just Children Cambridge Crossing when she was 3 months old. She is now 18 months and in the toddler room. Any parent would be nervous about making the decision to start their child at any child care facility, but the past year and a half has proven that it was the best decision we could have made for our family. The infant care our daughter received has exceeded our expectations and the teachers always went above and beyond to accommodate our every need. They were loving, nurturing, and patient. Of course it is extremely important to fully trust the staff who will be caring for your child while you are at work all day, and we could not have been more pleased with the staff we entrusted with our infant daughter. It really put our minds to ease knowing we could leave for the day and she would be in the best hands possible other than our own. Since being moved up to the toddler room in June, we have noticed huge developmental improvements in our daughter including her vocabulary and social skills. She is incredibly friendly and has learned to share and play with her friends. She is speaking so much now, even her pediatrician is impressed by her knowledge of colors, animal recognition, and body parts. She is learning beyond what we would expect at her age and she amazes our family and friends by how much she comprehends - we always tell them "it's because of Just Children!" We could not be happier with Just Children Childcare Center!!

Chris E.

We have 3 kids, (boy 5, boy 3, girl 1) - We started sending our oldest to JUST CHILDREN in 2012 when he was just 3 months old. As I would imagine that any new parent would feel, we were nervous and excited at the same time. From the first day of drop off the director Suzanne and all the teachers and staff were so welcoming and really took their time making us and our baby feel right at home. When I left there I remember saying to my wife “I think our baby is in better hands then if he was with us”. What a wonderful feeling to a new parent! We had such a great experience with our first child that we decided to follow suit with our next two children. Having friends and family with experience in the childcare field, I was so impressed by how happy all of the teachers and employees are. You can really tell that they love their jobs and are committed to giving the children and families a great experience. Our kids talk about their teachers on the weekends, and talk about the things they do during the day. We can tell that they are doing a lot of interactive activities with teachers and other kids. They come home singing new songs that they learned and talking about different things activities they do at JUST CHILDREN. Our oldest is a little shy, but somehow they get him to sing loud and clear at the Holiday Concerts they perform for the parents which are so cute and very well done. Every day when we pull into the parking lot all of our kids have big smiles on their faces, I think that says it all!!!!!!!!!

Ryan R.

Our family relocated to Mount Laurel in October 2015 and being new to the area, I took the parent reviews very seriously. I must have interviewed every other facility in area before finding JC-CC. After meeting Nikki and Sallie, along with the teachers, I knew this was the place for my daughter.

I could not have been happier, the teachers and staff put my mind at ease as they helped transition my little one into their program at age two. Today my daughter jumps from the car with excitement that she is going to school. I am always amazed at the new things she has to tell me. The love the tadpole’s portal that provides regular updates and photos throughout the day; this allows me to see what she is learning about or what she is playing with.

I love the weekly lesson plans prepared by the teachers and all the activities that Just Children offer, such as Super Duper Sport (gym class setting), soccer, and arts &crafts.

I look forward to picking her up every day just to ask, “What did you do today” and “Who did you play with” in the car-ride home or at the dinner table.


I cannot begin to express how much we love Just Children. Both of our girls started in the infant room at 14 weeks old and our oldest just went to Kindergarten. Her teachers always tells us how prepared she is for school and ask what daycare she attended. Our youngest still has 3 years to go with the amazing staff that she calls her friends. She is well above her level for learning at 2.5 years old and we can not say enough about the amazing teachers who have helped her reach these milestones. The staff truly cares for and loves the children and asks about them when they miss a day. We consider Just Children a part of our family and will be so sad when our girls leave the center for the last time.


We can't say enough about Just Children!
Both of my daughters love going to school every day and spend so much time talking about their teachers when they are home!!! Both girls have attended JC Bishops Gate since starting in the infant room at 6 months old and now are enjoying their time in the 3 year old and Pre- K classrooms. I can't say enough about the wonderful and caring teachers that my daughters have had in each and every classroom. I am blown away by the things they learn each and every day. The entire staff at JC makes you feel like family and is always more than willing to help out or answer any questions. I am due with my third child in a few short weeks and I'm confident that it will continue to be a positive and nurturing experience for this child too!!!


My daughter went to Just Children from the age of 1 through kindergarten and had a fantastic experience. Just Children prepared her for 1st grade and provided her with the social skills needed to make the transition. They have a caring staff, and loving, nurturing teachers. I would highly recommend this preschool.


My daughter was at Just Children from the infant room through kindergarten. She is now in first grade, and she is doing so well because of how well she was prepared in Just Children. She still talks about her old teachers and friends, and how much they are missed.


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