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Spring And Summer Activities And Programs At Just Children
It’s Springtime Again at Just Children!

COVID-19 has made this past year a tough one. Parents, teachers, and students have all been affected by the new ways of education and life. But here at the Just Children Child Care Centers, we look forward to a new year of hope! We’re celebrating our return to school, the renewal of the warm seasons, and socializing together with spring and summer programs full of fun and education for all. From exciting independent outdoor activities and events to full-day summer programs, Just Children has so much in store! We invite you to join us and discover everything we’re offering in 2021.

Celebrating the Return of Spring

To us, springtime means getting our creative minds going again with new projects, inside and out. It means a return to the playgrounds and gardens of our centers, as well as bringing a little green indoors to add life to our classrooms. Together, we will all be celebrating the return of spring through activities, events, sports, and a whole lot of growing going on. Students and teachers will celebrate the Week of the Young Child and Teacher Appreciation Week, Just Children Pride and Carnival Day, and so much more. There will be ice cream, games, and fun. Best of all – we will enjoy the fresh veggies we plant in the spring! We want your child there with us to get in on the fun.

The Just Children Summer Program:

As spring turns to summer, and we say farewell to the 2020-2021 school year, it’s time for fun in the sun with the Just Children’s Summer Program! Our all-day summer camp gives working parents a place to send their kids to learn, play, and grow. From music and movement classes to educational programs and activities, our summer camp curriculum helps kids discover new interests, new friends and develop a love of learning they can use for life. Starting in June of 2021, kids will enjoy weekly themes, visits from special guests, an engaging active schedule full of fun, and a high-quality learning environment they’ll want to experience every year. It’s not too late to sign up now! Contact one of our centers to learn more about enrollment. As always, thank you, from our family to yours, for letting us be part of their educational journey.          

Why Do Kids Need Summer Programs?

Summer programs are a necessity for all kids, not just a luxury for the privileged few. With so much to do and explore, kids get to indulge in subjects and social interactions otherwise unavailable at home. Engaging summer programs help kids to maintain all they have learned during the school year and keep their minds sharp for their upcoming term. Teachers, students, and parents can all benefit from enriching summer programs too in a variety of ways, and Just Children encourages participation at all levels. Kids need summer programs for:

  • Interest & Skill Development: Often, traditional schools don’t offer children opportunities to explore a wide range of new interests, sports, or other activities. Just Children’s Summer Program does things differently. We let our students “kick the tires” on various areas of life, play, and study to give them a “deeper dive.” Through this exposure to new ideas, children develop a lifelong love of specific skill building and various pursuits, unavailable almost anywhere else, and share them with others.
  • Continuing Educational Development: Learning done over the course of the year can be lost quickly with a summer slowdown. Our fun, educational summer program helps to preserve that learning and keep kids sharp. In fact, it has been proven that children can continue to develop the skills and concepts they learn at school and summer programs for up to two years or more.
  • Structure: Summer programs provide children with much-needed structure through strategically planned experiences. This structure presents itself in our organized curriculums, learning activities, field trips, and more.
  • Fun & Engagement: Almost everyone who participates in summer programs enjoys how much they learn and how much fun they have! School-age children love the experiences while teachers spend more time engaging with their kids and come away with improved ideas about how their students can learn and grow.
  • Improved Childcare Savings: More for the parents than the kids, summer programs can be a lifesaver with independent childcare costs on the rise. Organizations like Just Children, which combine all-day childcare and learning curriculums, can save families up to 10% of their annual income and make all the difference.
Contact Just Children for Summer Program Enrollment

Spring and summer are exciting times at Just Children. With the weather improving and life getting back to what it used to be (almost), we can offer our kids so much more in the way of activities, adventure, skill-building, important social interactions, and so much more. We want your family to be a part of it all! Contact one of our staff members at Just Children today and talk to us about enrollment, flexible scheduling, childcare subsidies, and all the exciting things we’re offering in 2021.

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