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Just Children summer camp 2017 is filling up, and it should be another great year! From water play to activities, games, and trips…the fun lasts all summer! It works especially well with children who get nervous meeting new teachers. Our staff remains all year long, and the kids and parents love the consistency!

There are camps at each of our eight different child care centers. Just Children has eight locations in PA and NJ. Just Children’s 2017 Summer Day Camp will be kicking off in June!

Summer Fun Camp officially kicks off in June and runs throughout the first week of September. We’ll be taking our young campers on a series of exciting yet still educational field trips. There are excursions to Tree House World, the Brunswick Zone, the Pretzel Factory. and others. Waterslide days, sand play, ice cream trucks, field days, and more!

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The cost of our Summer Fun Camp varies slightly by the school, so if you’re interested in enrolling your child in a particular location. just give us a call! Contact the Just Children location of your choice and let us know what you need.

In the meantime, we can tell you that a fairly typical day at Summer Fun Camp might kick off with a snack, and then perhaps some water activities. Water tables and water sprinklers are used as well. All water activities are monitored by CPR and First Aid-certified staff. There is craft time, lunch, a bit of rest time or a movie, a second snack period, and then some outside or inside play time, depending on the weather.

Summer Fun Campers are grouped by age, and your child’s activities this summer may differ from week to week.

Also, if your child has special needs of any sort, he or she is certainly more than welcome to be a part of Summer Fun Camp this year. All of our centers are handicap accessible, and all have accessible restrooms.

We’re incredibly excited to get the hottest season of the year off to a refreshingly fun and culturally beneficial start. Get in touch today for more information, or to enroll your child in their most memorable summer experience yet!

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