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Craft Ideas for Adults to Do with Their Children

It’s nice to have some downtime with your children that is not connected to a screen. You can play board games or go for an outing, but one truly fun thing you can do with them is arts and crafts. If you think adult crafts are not for you, and you’re unsure about crafts for adults and kids to do together, we can help you. We’ve got some great craft ideas for adults to do with their children, and they are actually crafts that are fun.

Fun Crafts to Do Together

If you think crafting for adults does not sound fun, you might be surprised. Connecting with your children over a family craft can be very rewarding, and you’ll make some great memories. Try these ideas for some fun crafts with your family:

  • Handmade Beaded Jewelry: Cutting small bits of polymer clay and molding it with your hands to make beads, you will then make a hole in it with a tooth pick or drink stirrer. You can make the beads any color you’d like, or even mix colors to create a marbled effect. Bake the clay according to package instructions, let the beads cool, add a layer of Mod Podge Gloss, string the beads onto a cord and make a knot to close it. The process is fun, and everyone will get a piece of custom jewelry when you’re finished!
  • 3D Painting: Draw an outline of whatever you want to paint, tear newspapers into little pieces, and apply glue to the back of each piece of paper, then apply paper to the inside of your outline. Apply extra paper to any areas you want raised. Once the glue has dried, paint your creation and once it’s dry, you can hang it in your home.
  • Make Your Own Stickers: What child doesn’t love stickers? Making them is even more fun than collecting them! You will need thick wrapping paper, washable glue, white vinegar, a small paintbrush, scissors or craft punches in various shapes, and thin markers. Combine equal parts washable glue and white vinegar in a bowl, making a thin liquid. Very lightly paint the back of a paper with the glue mixture, being careful not to soak it, so that it doesn’t warm. Let it dry, then apply a second coat. Once that coat is dry, cut out shapes and add text with markers if you want. Stick the stickers to notebooks, cards, envelopes, and more, by moistening the backs of the stickers with a damp sponge.
  • Yarn Flower Greeting Cards: Make these cheerful cards to brighten someone’s day! Just put glue on piece of cardstock, in the shape of a flower. Press the yarn into the glue in a circular pattern, taking care to press it firmly into the glue. Use any color you want, or combine multiple colors. You can even layer the flower, putting down a yarn background, topping it with glue, and making smaller spirals on top. Once you have finished the flower, create stems with green yarn or pipe cleaners.
  • Painted Flower Pots: All you need is terracotta plant pots, paints, and a waterproof varnish. Paint the pot however it pleases you, and then once it’s dry, add a layer of varnish. Then you can plant everyone’s favorite flowers in their pots.
  • Decoupage Bowl: This might not seem like it would belong on a list of easy crafts, but it’s simpler than you might think. Just choose a bowl you want to decorate and wrap the outside in plastic wrap. Use scissors or a circle punch to cut different colored sheets of paper. Dilute glue 50/50 with water, and use it to place the paper on the bowl. Once it dries, you’ll have a unique bowl!
  • Kindness Rocks: During the COVID-19 lockdown, painting rocks became popular, and people would leave these rocks for neighbors, to make them smile. It was a nice idea then, and it’s still a nice idea, as well as being a craft that’s fun to do with your family. All you need is rocks or stones with enough surface to paint, acrylic paint to decorate them, and permanent markers to add cheerful or inspirational messages.

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